good france

Goût de France Festival 2019

Good France is bringing the taste of Provence to New York City!

Taste. Talk. Enjoy.

At the International Culinary Center, we love any excuse to celebrate French food and wine—we were founded as the French Culinary Institute after all! So this year, we’re excited to participate in the Goût de France festivities as they expand Official Good France Day, March 21st, into a 4-day festival celebrating la cuisine Provençale all around New York.

Culinary festival Goût de France/Good France returns in 2019 with a movable feast: “Provence x New York”. From March 20-23, New Yorkers will be able to experience the taste of Provence with a spotlight on the region’s best chefs and its iconic specialties. You’ll be surprised by Marseille’s wealth of influences, from cuisine to products like lavender, basil, olive oil, sea salt and wine!

ICC is proud to host the educational series of the Goût de France festival on Thursday, March 21st (the Official Good France Day worldwide) with a full day of hands-on classes, workshops and a celebratory reception. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about Provencale Cuisine directly from the best French chefs at the International Culinary Center.

Throughout the day, attendees will learn about the emblematic ingredients of Provence—without which there is no provençal cuisine—as well as how their use can go well beyond your imagination!

Check out the full list of events below and click here to get up to 50% off your tickets using code ICC to join us on March 21st!

March 21 Goût de France Events at ICC

Hands-on Cooking Class

Don’t Mess with the Bouillabaisse
10:00am to 12:00pm
General Admission – $85
International Culinary Center – 462 Broadway, 2nd Floor

  • Chef Serge Devesa
    (Loews Regency New York Hotel – Le Marseillais, NYC – Maître cuisinier de France)

Learn to make the perfect bouillabaisse, an iconic dish of the south of France, from Chef Serge Devesa, Executive Chef of Le Marsellais at the Loews Regency New York Hotel. In this 2-hour hands-on class, you’ll learn the techniques and skills to recreate this classic seafood stew at home, and leave your friends and family wanting more!

Provence in Three Tastes—Chef Demonstrations & Tastings

Panisse with Aioli Sauces and Tapenade
1:30pm to 3:00pm
General Admission – $15 (normally $30)
International Culinary Center – 462 Broadway, 2nd Floor Amphitheater

  • Chef Hervé Malivert
    International Culinary Center’s Director of Culinary Arts & Technology – Maître Cuisinier de France

Chef Hervé Malivert, ICC’s Director of Culinary Arts & Technology, will demonstrate a classic dish from the south of France that’s the perfect aperitif to your meal—Panisse served with Aioli sauces and Tapenade. You’ll learn to make Panisse, fried chickpea fritters, as well as how to emulsify your own garlic aioli the traditional way, using a mortar and pestle. Plus, with spring just around the corner, Chef Hervé will show you how to introduce Mediterranean flavors to brighten up the dish with your own olive tapenade.

Pistou Soup and Saint-Victor’s Navettes
3:30pm to 5:00pm
General Admission – $15 (normally $30)
International Culinary Center – 462 Broadway, 2nd Floor Amphitheater

  • Chef Olivier Reginensi
    Corporate Executive Chef of Maison Kayser, NYC – Maître Cuisinier de France

Chef Olivier Reginensi of Maison Kayser in New York City is cooking up a traditional soup from Provence—Pistou! A delicious spring vegetable soup with onion, garlic, tomato, pasta and pesto, it’s perfect for the rainy days of April & May. Need something to go with your soup? Chef Olivier will also be baking up Saint-Victor’s Navettes, or mini sweet baguettes, to be dipped into the soup.

Ratatouille and Chichi-Fregi
5:30pm to 7:00pm
General Admission – $15 (normally $30)
International Culinary Center – 462 Broadway, 2nd Floor Amphitheater

  • Chef Florian Hugo
    Chef, Author and Restaurateur

Chef Florian Hugo of Maison Hugo in New York City will demonstrate to the audience how to create one of the most beloved dishes of French Provençal cuisine—Ratatouille! You’ll learn the knife skills required to master this classic dish utilizing techniques inherit to the south of France. And if you’ve ever wondered how the infamous Beignet was introduced to New Orleans, look no further than the traditional Chichi-Fregi of Provence. Chef Florian will also demonstrate how to make Chichi-Fregi, mini donuts commonly found in France, and you’ll walk away being able to impress your friends & family with stellar knowledge of French classics.

Cocktail Reception

La Marseillaise
7:30pm to 9:30pm
General Admission – $20 (normally $35)
International Culinary Center – Entrance at 28 Crosby Street, 5th floor

  • Chef Jean-Louis Dumonet
  • Chef, Maître cuisinier de France, President of the American & Canadian Chapter
  • Chef Jean-Louis Gerin
  • Chef, President Academie culinaire de France-US Delegation
  • Chef Sébastien Baud
    Maître Cuisinier de France – Académie Culinaire de France – Chef of the Consulate General of France

Join us for a celebratory cocktail reception featuring the best of Provençale Cuisine including passed canapés by Chef Jean-Louis Dumonet, President of the Maître Cuisiner de France; Chef Jean-Louis Gerin, President of the Académie culinaire de France; Chef Sébastien Baud, Chef of the Consulate General of France; and glasses of Rosé provided by Château D’esclans.