At World’s Fair, U.S. Pavilion is Poised to Address the Big Issues

What will the USA Pavilion address at Expo Milano 2015?

The Washington Post covers key issues the USA Pavilion will address at Expo Milano 2015:

“The next international exposition, 2015 Expo Milan, will take on one of the globe’s most vexing questions: How do we feed a future of 9 billion people without destroying the planet itself? The expo, which runs from May through October, will bring together more than 140 countries to share possible solutions.

At the helm of the USA Pavilion at the Expo is Dorothy Cann Hamilton, founder and chief executive of the International Culinary Center in New York. After persuading the U.S. government to have a presence in the expo, Hamilton agreed to organize the effort with the help of the James Beard Foundation and the blessing — if not the funding — of the State Department. And she is thinking big.”

Read the full article here: “2015 Expo Milan: At world’s fair, the U.S. pavilion is poised to address the big issues”