Kitchen À La Anna

A fantastic feature on graduate Anna Dickson of International Culinary Center California in Madison Magazine.

On a humid summer night, I station myself near the kitchen at Merchant and watch Anna Dickson work. It’s still early in the evening, when a lot of folks in the restaurant business tend to tense up in anticipation of the rush. But executive chef Dickson is pure calm, trim in her short-sleeved black chef’s coat and glasses, her red hair pulled back in a neat ponytail. She keeps the counter before her spotless, periodically removing a speck of fresh parsley and re-folding her towel each time. As the cooks complete plates of French fries, burgers and mussels, each one must go through Dickson. She looks each plate over, wiping away a stray dab of sauce and sometimes conferring with a cook, who takes it back for a correction. Only when she is satisfied is the plate released to the waiting server.

Plus, a mention of fellow ICC graduate Anna Leasure, now our enrollment coordinator in CA:

“Most culinary students will go the standard chef route: work in restaurants and work their way up from line cook to sous chef to chef de cuisine to executive chef,” says Joanna Leasure, who was one of Dickson’s classmates at the French Culinary Institute in San Jose, now called the International Culinary Center. Leasure’s currently ICC’s enrollment coordinator. “Anna did it really fast. I haven’t seen many people going [in] two years from graduation to executive chef.”

We are so proud! To read the full article, CLICK HERE.