Chef’s Story: Episode 80 – Hooni Kim

ICC Founder and CEO Dorothy Cann Hamilton interviews 2005 Professional Culinary Arts graduate Hooni Kim of Danji and Hanjan on Episode 80 of Chef’s Story.

Korean food is incredible – full of fermented goodness and culinary tradition, but it’s often overlooked. Find out how Hooni Kim is changing people’s perceptions of Korean Food and elevating the cuisine on a brand new episode of Chef’s Story. Chef Kim is the chef/owner of Hanjan and Danji, two restaurants that re-imagine Korean food in imaginative and inventive ways. Host Dorothy Cann Hamilton chats with chef Kim about his background in medicine, his transition to the kitchen and his passion for the food of Korea. Find out why you should trust your taste buds – not your nose – when it comes to Korean food and hear why Hooni’s ultimate dream is just to make people happy. Today’s show was brought to you by Whole Foods Market.

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