Like any great field of study, wine appreciation is a life-long endeavor. It can start out intimidating and mysterious, but with structured guidance, a fascinating world of smell, taste and flavor – can awaken. In this intensive 3-day program, learn to taste and describe wine as we travel through commercially important wine regions of the world.


We begin with the historical context of the great regions of Europe and taste benchmark examples of the classic styles – from sparkling to still, to fortified. We’ll make sense of how these wines came to be and their current relevance in the global wine market.

Not to be outdone, the regions we refer to as the New World, the Americas, the Antipodes and South Africa, have an equally compelling story to tell. We’ll taste the New Classics and draw comparisons to, and discern differences from, their Old World predecessors. In a global market, it’s the planet’s vineyards competing for market share! With our 3-day intensive training, you’ll begin to think differently about the business of wine and – to your great pleasure – eat and drink more deeply with your new life skills.

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Important: Please review our Cancellation and Refund Policy and dress code. Check back frequently to see new start dates or contact us at 888.324.2433. Although the International Culinary Center is accredited by the ACCSC, this course does not fall within the scope of the commission’s accreditation. This non-professional course is designed for personal enrichment and is not intended to qualify a student for employment.