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Great food begins beyond the four walls of a kitchen. It begins in fields and pastures, the sea, vineyards, and markets. As of chef of the 21st century you need to know more than culinary technique and kitchen management. You must also understand and personally experience the whole ecosystem of food: how food is grown and raised and what conditions create the best possible ingredients and flavors.

That’s why the International Culinary Center of California announces Classic Culinary Arts with a Farm-to-Table Concentration—a hands-on revolutionary program designed for those who want to be at the forefront of tomorrow’s most respected cuisine, joining together with farmers and the chef community to create a healthy, sustainable, and delicious food system.

California has been the country’s leader of the farm-to-table movement and since our campus is ideally located near San Jose and the Salinas Valley—America’s “Bread Basket”—this is the perfect place to learn about the essential links in the food chain.

You’ll be immersed in six months of intense culinary fundamentals from the renowned chef-instructors at the International Culinary Center. Plus, you will experience an intensive week of experiential learning with the very best of California food professionals, embracing all aspects of California farming and sourcing. This combination offers you a unique educational path that will set you apart from the crowd and will empower you to ask good questions about the food you purchase, cook, and serve in your professional lives. It will also make you more competitive when you graduate.

At the International Culinary Center, we pride ourselves in making sure that our graduates are the most desired in the profession. It’s not enough just to know culinary technique. Tomorrow’s chefs need to understand responsible harvesting and farming techniques. Tomorrow’s chefs need to be ecologically astute. This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to look at the entirety of the farm-to-table movement and combine kitchen technique with in-the-field experience. You will be prepared not only to be the very best chef, but to understand and preserve our culinary and farming heritage for future generations.

Discover more about Classic Culinary Arts with a Farm-to-Table Concentration.

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