icc chef instructor nicolas baron
Chef Instructor

A Native of the French Riviera region, Chef Nicolas was drawn to the art of cooking from the young age of 10. He was fascinated with the fact that by altering the recipe, the same simple ingredients could be turned into an array of different succulent dishes. In his mid-teen years, while attending Culinary School in Normandy (graduated 1987), Chef Nicolas initially trained in a Michelin Star restaurant, under Chef Yves Louet, Master Chef of France. Then, he spent several years in Paris at Le Clos Longchamps (*Michelin) and Le Meridien Hotel under French Culinary Academy Dean, Chef Maurice Brazier. Achieving his dream to have the opportunity to bring and practice his craft abroad, Chef Nicolas moved to England working at the notorious Hilton Hotel London for 2 years. He then moved to Australia to work full-time at the Hilton Hotel Sydney while earning his B.S in Hospitality Management at the University of New South Wales. Chef Nicolas then held positions of Sous-Chef at Maxim’s Restaurant, Singapore, Sous-Chef and Executive Chef in West Africa, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Bali, Indonesia and The Bahamas at various 5 Star hotels, yachts and fine resorts. In early 2006, Chef returned to France to build his brand as “The Green Chef,” a Food Consultant and Private Caterer. He then transitioned the brand to California, cooking for celebrities in LA and high profile Silicon Valley CEOs as a Private Chef & Caterer. Seeing teaching as a legacy, especially as a culinary professional, and finding even more fulfillment in his craft after several teaching assignments Chef Nicolas joined the ICC. His motto is, “Cook with Passion” as he strongly believes that passion is the main ingredient in preparing and cooking amazing food.