chef joshua resnick
Chef Instructor

Chef Joshua Resnick is a 2013 graduate of the International Culinary Center’s Professional Culinary Arts program. Upon graduation, Chef Joshua began on the line at Gramercy Tavern, before working in kitchens across Manhattan. His restaurant experience includes positions as Chef de Cuisine at Tokyo Record Bar and Butcher/Sous Chef at Cannibal Beer and Butcher, owned by fellow ICC alumnus Christian Pappanicholas. Chef Joshua also worked at another ICC graduate-run restaurant, Erika Nakamura’s White Gold Butchers. Through these varied experiences, he’s prepared everything from whole pig porchettas and sausages to cold-smoked sashimi and caviar sushi. In 2019, Chef Joshua returned to his alma matter as a Culinary Chef-Instructor. Chef Joshua firmly believes that “there is a lesson to learn from everyone you come across in a kitchen.” He shares that “it’s your job to understand that lesson and keep it in your toolbox” to pass on to future generations, which he’s excited to be doing in his new role at ICC.