Some of the many successful ICC Professional Culinary Arts graduates include Bobby Flay, David Chang and Michael Chernow.

If you’re considering enrolling in culinary school as a next step in your education, your ultimate goal is getting a job in the food industry after graduation. While you may have an idea of what that dream job may be, there are many career paths available to Professional Culinary Arts graduates that are worth exploring—as demonstrated by the diverse careers of the many talented alumni of ICC’s program.

Culinary Students Become Chefs and Chef/Owners

Students in the Professional Culinary Arts program have often enrolled in cooking school with the goal of becoming a chef in a restaurant. Many alumni have worked their way up through jobs in restaurant kitchen—from line cooks to sous chefs—all the way up to the role of executive chef or chef/owner.

Some of ICC’s high-profile alumni who have gone on to build their own restaurant empires include David Chang and Bobby Flay. Other alumni, like 2001 Culinary Arts grad John Lasater, use their culinary expertise to work their way through the ranks of established kitchens. After graduating ICC, Lasater worked in several restaurants including Capitol Grille in the Hermitage Hotel and Flyte World Dining & Wine before landing a job at Hattie B’s Hot Chicken, where he is now in charge of all areas of operations including hiring, training, scheduling and overseeing the kitchen.

Culinary Alumni Become Food Entrepreneurs

Many students enroll in culinary school in the hopes of one day becoming food entrepreneurs. ICC Culinary Arts alumni have opened countless food business to great success, including graduate Michael Chernow.

Michael Chernow, a graduate of both the Culinary Arts and Food Business Fundamentals programs, is the co-owner, creative director, and front-of-the-house operator of The Meatball Shop‘s  six locations in New York City. Chernow attributes his business success to what he learned at ICC.

“ICC, as far as I’m concerned, is the best school…The Culinary Entrepreneurship program taught me every single possible nook and cranny, from marketing to the finances, I learned so much.”

– Michael Chernow, 2008 Culinary Arts and Culinary Entrepreneurship (now Food Business Fundamentals) alumnus

Catering and Private Chef Careers for Culinary Graduates

There are plenty of culinary careers outside the restaurant—including careers for private chefs and caterers. Many alumni have worked as the private chefs for people all over the world, while others have opened their own thriving catering businesses.

Culinary Arts graduate Elisabeth Weinberg enrolled in ICC’s program after college to pursue her longtime passion for food and afterwards opening up her own catering business Ms. Elisabeth’s in NYC. Through her catering business, Weinberg offers clients food from styles of cuisine all over the world—using the international culinary techniques she learned throughout the program.

Culinary Arts Alumni in Food Media

Other graduates of the Culinary Arts program find their niche in the world of food media as authors, bloggers, journalists, food stylists and even as chefs for food television programs. A culinary education at ICC provides students with a foundation of cooking techniques needed for a successful career in food media.

ICC has graduated the likes of television and award-winning cookbook star Daisy Martinez, Executive Chef of Food Network and food stylist Robert Bleifer and Editor in Chief of Food Network Magazine Maile Carpenter. In addition, with the preparation provided by ICC, countless other alumni author cookbooks and contribute to food blogs in conjunction to working other industry jobs.

“[Attending the International Culinary Center] totally opened up the entire culinary world for me. Before the International Culinary Center, I really didn’t know the culinary world other than restaurant catering.”

– Executive Chef of Food Network Robert Bleifer, Culinary Arts ’94 graduate

Start Your Education at ICC and Join Our Alumni Network

ICC’s Total Immersion curriculum prepares students for a multitude of the exciting careers available in the culinary industry. The moment students in the Professional Culinary Arts graduate, they become a part of the ICC alumni network that includes more than 15,000 graduates across the globe. With the incredible support from career services that lasts well beyond your months of training at ICC.