The International Culinary Center, located in Soho in NYC, was originally founded as The French Culinary Institute in 1984 to provide French culinary training to students in an immersive 6-month program.


Introduction to Our French Cooking School

French cuisine may sound fancy, conjuring up images of fancy plated dinners, but this age-old culinary art form is ultimately about creating a harmonious dish that elevates the quality and taste of the main ingredient. French cooking focuses on building and layering flavors, starting with the base and adding in additional ingredients so the layers of flavor intensify.

At the International Culinary Center, our students learn classic French cooking techniques from chef-instructors in an intense 6-9 month training program.  The deans of the school are legendary: Jacques Pepin, Alain Sailhac, Andre Soltner and Jacques Torres have all been at ICC for 20 years or more, and set a remarkable standard of excellence.


French Techniques

At ICC, our Professional Culinary Arts program focuses on teaching our students the fundamentals of French technique including knife skills, stocks and sauces, plating and pastry methods – the foundation upon which all Western cuisines are built.


Launch Your Culinary Career with a Foundation in French Cooking

The International Culinary Center is a leader in French culinary and pastry education, and our programs are taught by chef-instructors with world-class standards.

Our Professional Culinary Arts program is unique in its Total ImmersionSM method of teaching. Our students are in the kitchen on day one, learning from hands-on experience. The course is broken down into separate levels, each one building up culinary techniques. From cooking techniques and flavor fundamentals to menu design, our students are prepared for real-world success.


What You’ll Learn

  • Classic French techniques of Master Chefs
  • Fundamentals of Cooking
  • How to use Diverse Ingredients in the Kitchen
  • Volume cooking
  • Keys to Assess Food Costs
  • Specialized Technique in an Area of Your Choosing (International Desserts, Intro to Food Business, Food Technology, Food Writing, French & Italian Breads, Whole Grain Breads, Wines of France, Mixology)


Our French Pastry School

At the International Culinary Center, our Professional Pastry Arts curriculum is steeped in French tradition. Our accomplished chef-instructors will teach you techniques for a portfolio of pastries and desserts in just 6 to 9 months. Pastry students at ICC in New York also have the rare opportunity to intern at one of Dean Jacques Torres‘ world-famous chocolate businesses, while pastry maven Emily Luchetti is the dean at our California school. Organized into 16 units, students layer skill upon skill to build confidence and competency throughout ICC’s pastry arts program.

Whether you are interested in French cooking or in French pastry arts, you can begin your journey to becoming a chef trained in French culinary techniques today. Enroll  in Professional Culinary or Pastry Arts program or fill out the form below to request more information about the International Culinary Center and become a part of our alumni network.

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