Food styling is the art of arranging food to create fresh, mouth-watering images for the media. Chances are any photos that you see in cookbooks, magazines, ads and menus have been orchestrated by a professional food stylist.


Food Styling for the Media

From artfully placing food to selecting the overall setting, food stylists need to know all of the tips and tricks for specific types of media. At ICC, our food styling course can help launch your career by teaching you how to create your own styling kit and gain hands-on experience.


Food Stylist Opportunities

Most stylists begin in the kitchen or alongside an established food stylist, building their own professional portfolio to eventually take on their own clients. Many work as freelancers, taking on specific projects while others work for companies, media and ad agencies on-staff to contribute to menus and ads for scheduled releases and publications.


Food Stylist Education Requirements

Food stylists are extremely passionate about what they do and especially about food. They love to cook and create colorful plated masterpieces, all with an eye for detail.

There is not a specific degree dedicated to becoming a food stylist. Instead many begin their career by enrolling in a food styling program and obtaining a diploma in Culinary Arts.


Launch Your Food Stylist Career

Ready to learn more about what it takes to become a food stylist? Enroll in a food styling course today or fill out the form on this page to get more information.

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