If you’re a serious home cook, Culinary Techniques will give you the tools needed to create sophisticated meals at home. Our Culinary Techniques courses in California and New York are taught by the same accomplished chef-instructors who teach our career students.


• Vegetables
• Salads and vinaigrettes
• Potatoes
• Fish
• Shellfish
• Poultry
• Beef
• Pork
• Lamb


• Poaching
• Grilling
• Frying
• Blanching
• Glazing
• Baking
• Puréeing


Knife Skills:

Learn which knives are best for which jobs as well as proper care. Through tailiage (cutting vegetables into even sizes and shapes), you’ll learn different techniques, such as émincer (thin slice), batonnet (small sticks), brunoise (small dice) and paysanne (tile-shaped).

Stocks and Sauces:

Learn how to combine ingredients such as bones from chicken, beef, veal or fish, with aromatic vegetables and herbs to create brown, white, fish, marmite and vegetable stocks. You will be trained to marry stocks with binding elements such as starches and proteins to create the five “mother” sauces: velouté, Espagnole, hollandaise, béchamel and tomato, as well many of their derivatives.

Food Safety:

Develop and understanding the general rules of food safety as well as comprehensive food handling and issues found in a kitchen environment.

Ingredient Identification and Classification:

Use all your senses as you identify and classify a wide range of proteins, vegetables, starches, grains, herbs and spices.

Learn about Culinary Techniques: California and Culinary Techniques: New York enrollment dates and apply today!

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