ICC’s Culinary Arts + Farm-To-Table program does more than give our students a competitive edge in the marketplace—it provides firsthand insight to this powerful movement and builds on your chef training. By exploring how food is grown, raised, packaged and distributed, you’ll gain a better understanding of how quality ingredients make it to the kitchen and be better able to make informed choices for your own dishes. ICC’s Farm-To-Table program will forever change the way you think about the link between food production and the way we eat.

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Take Your Learning Outside the Classroom

Whether you attend our New York or California campus, your farm-to-table learning will extend beyond the classroom to include field trips to local farms, markets, and more. You’ll get your hands in the dirt, learning about local farming and sustainable agriculture from experts on the front lines of the industry.

In New York: Participate in the Farm-Powered Kitchen Program

Students at our New York campus will have the unique opportunity to participate in our seven-day Farm-Powered Kitchen program. Designed by Dan Barber (ICC grad and James Beard Outstanding Chef), Blue Hill, and Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture, the Farm-Powered Kitchen program builds on the foundational knowledge gained in the classroom by exposing students to all aspects of the farm.

In California: Come Face-to-Face with Farming

One of the early leaders in the farm-to-table movement, California supplies almost half of the country’s fruits and vegetables—making it the perfect place for passionate students to come face-to-face with farming like never before. Located near Salinas Valley, one of The Golden State’s most productive agricultural regions, ICC’s one-of-a-kind program gives students incredible access to large-scale commercial operations, artisan farms, ranches, dairies and markets. With dynamic field trips and opportunities to pick the brains of farm workers, ranchers, policymakers and other experts, the Culinary Arts + Farm-To-Table program prepares students to become the next leaders in the sustainable culinary field.

Advance Your Culinary Career at ICC

If you’re interested in farm-to-table cuisine or want to expand your culinary knowledge to gain a competitive edge, enroll in the Culinary Arts + Farm-To-Table program at our New York or California campus, or complete the form on this page to get more information.