Hot Bread Kitchen and the International Culinary Center are proud to announce our partnership to increase economic opportunity through culinary career education for under-employed women in New York City.

Since 2017, the International Culinary Center has opened it’s doors—and kitchens—to our friends at Hot Bread Kitchen, providing them with the kitchen space and resources to grow their culinary training program, doubling the number of low-income and immigrant women graduating from the program and entering the food industry. As the new home of Hot Bread Kitchen’s culinary training program, ICC is excited to be a part of bringing culinary education to under-employed women, and create opportunities for the program to grow and thrive in New York City. Learn more about our partnership with Hot Bread Kitchen and see some of the highlights from our first graduation ceremony, celebrating the women who completed the program at ICC this past year!

About Hot Bread Kitchen

Hot Bread Kitchen is a non-profit social enterprise with a mission to create economic opportunity through careers in food. The organization delivers this mission through two main programs: HBK Incubates, a culinary incubator program which offers licensed commercial kitchen space and tailored technical assistance to small food businesses, and a culinary training program that trains low-income and immigrant women for good jobs in the food industry. 100% of graduates are placed in fair-wage food jobs in NYC. To support this mission, Hot Bread operates a commercial bakery in East Harlem and sells breads inspired by the women trained.

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In 2017, Hot Bread launched a three year growth strategy to quadruple the number of women graduated into full time jobs with benefits in NYC. The success of this strategy relies on deep partnerships with community organizations, employment partners, donors, and culinary industry experts and leaders like the International Culinary Center.

Watch to Learn More About HBK's Culinary Training Program

Our Partnership

The Women at ICCHot Bread Kitchen’s flagship culinary training program for women seeking economic mobility has found a home at the International Culinary Center, a global leader in professional culinary, pastry and wine education. With this partnership, both organizations commit to working together to positively impact underserved communities through culinary education and careers in food in New York City.

“Our culinary hiring partners rely on best-in-class professional readiness and rigorous training that ensures that our graduates stay and grow in their kitchens. It is only fitting that a world class institution like the International Culinary Center providing the professionalism of its training kitchens and unparalleled network of its community will generate lasting impact for more minority and immigrant women to grow in quality jobs across the industry”
-Shaolee Sen, Hot Bread Kitchen’s Executive Director

The International Culinary Center and Hot Bread Kitchen are powerful educators in the hospitality industry. 84% of graduates from Hot Bread Kitchen’s training program stay in their jobs for over one year, reducing employee turnover in an increasingly tight market. More than 100 women trained by Hot Bread Kitchen have graduated to culinary careers and created greater economic opportunity for themselves and their families—and because we’ve joined forces through this important partnership, even more women will benefit from education that can provide them with the economic security they seek. Hot Bread Kitchen is excited to learn from and collaborate with one of the most respected culinary schools and networking epicenters in the industry.

“ICC has been a leader in culinary, pastry and wine education for more than 34 years. Through our partnership with Hot Bread Kitchen, we are able to expand our mission to train the next generation of culinary leaders and provide the resources for unemployed women to receive a culinary education that will build the skills, confidence, and connections to succeed in the industry. We’re honored to play a part in the path to their success.”
-Erik Murnighan, President of the International Culinary Center

Christina with graduatesKaren







Hot Bread Kitchen and the International Culinary Center have long been connected—Hot Bread Kitchen’s Training Program Director, Karen Bornarth, was the Lead Bread Instructor for the International Culinary Center’s Art of International Bread Baking program for six years, and Hot Bread Kitchen board member Christina Tosi is a 2004 graduate of the Professional Pastry Arts program. Many of Hot Bread Kitchen’s graduates work with chefs, restaurateurs, and industry leaders who are graduates from the International Culinary Center, further demonstrating the organizations’ alignment and synergies.

2018 Graduation

ICC was honored to host Hot Bread Kitchen’s 2018 graduation, celebrating the hardworking women who trained at ICC during the past year. Check out some of the highlights from the ceremony below including guest speakers Christina Tosi, Chef/Owner of Milk Bar, and Ben Leventhal, Co-Founder of and Resy.

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