World’s Best Pastry Chef Visits ICC

Chef Jordi Roca of El Celler de Can Roca gave a private demo at ICC.


Jordi Roca of El Celler de Can Roca in Girona, Spain visited ICC in advance of his U.S. tour. CLICK HERE to read the full article  in the Wall Street Journal.

“Spanish financial services group BBVA brought Jordi Roca, named the World’s Best Pastry Chef of 2014 by Restaurant Magazine, to New York City to teach a dozen student-chefs at the International Culinary Center some of the techniques that prompted the magazine’s judges to describe Roca as “part chef, part architect, part magician.'”

ICC Featured in Marie Claire Korea!

Marie Claire Korea says ICC is the best culinary school to achieve your dream in the culinary world. CLICK HERE to read full article.

Article includes interviews with:

  • Jacques Torres, Dean of Pastry Arts
  • Jansen Chan, Director of Pastry Operations
  • Leland Scruby, Associate Dean of Students, Director of International and Career Services
  • Michael Chernow, Owner of NYC’s Meatball Shop, Professional Culinary Arts and Food Business Fundamentals Graduate
  • Daisy Martinez, TV Chef, Professional Culinary Arts Graduate
  • Choi Soojung, Professional Culinary Arts Graduate
  • Yeom Hyemin, Professional Pastry Arts and Cake Techniques and Design Graduate
  • Lo Bosworth, Professional Culinary Arts + Farm-to-Table Graduate




ICC Donates Cake for Army’s 239th Birthday

The United States Army commemorated its 239th birthday in New York City with a cake donated by ICC.

The birthday cake used during the event was donated by the International Culinary Center of Soho, N.Y. The ICC is a veteran-friendly institution that offers a $5 million Military Scholarship Program that provides tuition assistance to veterans of the United States armed forces.

Read more here: “Army celebrates 239th birthday in New York City”

Learn more about ICC’s $5 Million Military Scholarship program

Cake Techniques & Design: Sweet Progress

By Camille Sedayao
ICC Student, Cake Techniques & Design

The Spring 2014 Cake Techniques & Design class is on its last leg of the three-month program. As part of the class, I can say that I am truly astounded by the progress that each of my classmates have achieved. We all came into this program from different backgrounds and varied experiences with cake decorating. However, the immersion method has allowed us to cultivate our individual skills, as well as learn to work with each other. Here is a look into what we’ve been baking up so far.

At the start of the program, we were immediately introduced to the basics of baking. We learned a wide array of tasty cakes and buttercreams to add to our repertoire, such as a genoise and pate-a-bombe buttercream. Piping and fondant techniques were also introduced as we became tasked with building and decorating fun two-tiered cakes, such as the gift box cake. Personally, I hadn’t had much experience covering cakes in fondant, especially square cakes, but with the chef instructor’s guidance, I was able to do so.


Into Unit 3, we began building our sugar flower skills. This is the time when our kitchen turned into a garden. The class spent a week learning how to make all sorts of flowers that could be used for special occasion cakes and wedding cakes. One of those days we visited by the world renowned Ron Ben-Israel, who taught us his method for beautiful, realistic looking sugar roses! Once we were finished, our vibrant floral arrangements were displayed at the window of the school’s restaurant, L’Ecole.


As my class moved into the final unit, we were assigned to work in pairs to create carved whimsical cakes that include elements taught in previous units, such as pastillage and modeling. We were encouraged to show our individual creativity and as a team, bring our ideas together in a cohesive manner. Other advantages with working in teams are the opportunity to learn techniques from each other, and gain experience with brainstorming and completing a project with another person, just as one might in the real world. It is evident in the picture that our class has come a long way from the plainly iced genoise!

Our latest project was the Russian Doll Cake, which consisted of carving a delicious pound cake in the shape of a matryoshka doll and decorating it in a traditional or non-traditional way. This individual project was a major challenge in design and technical skill, and the humid weather was not much help. However, we ended the day with great results and a variety of colorful characters!

When it comes to this cake class and chef instructor, there is much to be proud of and even more of which to look forward. Everyday we are gaining the necessary skills and the self-confidence to test our limits and create something new, and as always, delicious!


If you would like to attempt your own carved cake, or you just enjoy a slice of pound cake, here is the recipe:

Pound Cake, One-Step
For One ½ Sheet Pan
– 282 g all-purpose flour
– 388 g granulated sugar
– 1 t grated orange/lemon peel
– ½ t salt
– ½ t baking soda
– 220 g sour cream
– 227 g butter, softened
– 1 t vanilla extract
– 3 eggs

Heat oven to 325°F.
1. Generously grease with butter and lightly flour pan.
2. In large bowl, blend all cake ingredients at low speed until moistened.
3. Beat 3 minutes at medium speed.
4. Pour batter into prepared pan.
5. Bake for 55-60 minutes or until toothpick inserted in center comes our clean.
6. Cool to lukewarm. Invert onto cooling rack.

Hooni Kim: Doing Good With Food

Alumnus Hooni Kim featured in The Korea Times: 

“At 41, Kim is a celebrated chef in New York with two restaurants.

He opened Danji, a one-Michelin star restaurant, in 2010.

His second, Hanjan, was ranked among the top 10 in the Big Apple by the New York Times

For those who want to know more about his “bulgogi” sliders and smelly “doenjangjjigae,” check out “Master Chef Korea 3.”

Read the full article here: “Doing good with food”

Scholarship Celebrates 100th Canadian Enrollment

Our ICC Canada Scholarship in the Toronto Sun:

SCHOLARSHIP ALERT: The International Culinary Center, (with locations in New York City and California) recently announced a new ICC Canada Scholarship for New York in celebration of this leading culinary school’s 100th Canadian enrolment.

Read here: “Study at the International Culinary Center!”

To learn more about our scholarships, click here:

Student’s Cake Inspires Donations to Doctors Without Borders

By Camille Sedayao
ICC Student, Cake Techniques & Design


International Culinary Center’s Cake Techniques & Design program is no piece of cake. The chefs and curriculum continuously challenge the knowledge and skill of each and every student, from baking to decorating. The two-tier midterm cake is one such challenge, consisting of two types of cake, two fillings, buttercream icing and fondant or gumpaste décor based on an assigned theme.

Once the theme of Travel/Vacation/Bon Voyage was announced, I was quickly inspired by events in my personal life. My best friend, a registered nurse, had recently begun a fundraiser called 2 Nurses 2 Bikes for Doctors Without Borders (DWB). She has planned a month-long, 2,000-mile bicycle excursion all around France, where DWB was founded. I wanted to encourage my friend along her journey and convey my appreciation for her tireless efforts through this cake.


In my design process, I decided that a model bicycle made from gumpaste would be the focal point of the cake. This was the perfect opportunity to use the gumpaste bicycle tutorial by Michelle of Sweet Dreams Cake App. Since the trip will take place in France, I also imagined lavender fields and cobblestone. I included these elements in my sketch as well. However, it was not until the cake started to take shape did I make alterations and hone my design.  During this process, I learned that it is important to be prepared with an idea, but creativity is not limited to what’s on the paper. The end result was a cake iced in Swiss meringue buttercream with simple fondant and piped buttercream décor, a gumpaste bicycle and picnic basket complete with French baguette.

I was so excited with the results of my midterm cake, especially the gumpaste bicycle, that I shared it with Michelle of Sweet Dreams Cake App. She loved the cake and its inspiration so much that she donated $100 to the fundraiser! I was caught by surprise again when a fellow classmate, Tammy Watts, made an incredibly generous donation. I did not imagine that my simple cake could have this ripple effect, but it has been very gratifying.


Attending ICC’s Cake Techniques & Design program and completing this midterm project have strengthened my love for cake. What we do, as cake decorators, goes beyond making dessert. Our purpose is to convey a message and create edible art that moves those who see and taste it.

Learn more about our Cake Techniques & Design program here: