Prefer the pen to the pan? Or landing sales orders over plating orders? Training from ICC can give you the background you need to forge your own path in the food industry. Read on to learn more about some of the fields our alumni are working in.

Food Writing

Food writers write or edit for magazines, newspapers, websites, blogs, cookbooks, promotional pieces and more. With a culinary education, graduates are ideal candidates for work in magazines, national newspapers, publishing houses or epicurean blogs.

Food Styling

Style the food featured in film, TV, digital and print editorial and advertising, including preparing food, sourcing ingredients and working with related industry contacts (photographers, prop stylists). ICC provides the skills to evaluate food traits (e.g., proper color and texture) and prepare and style food for the camera.

Event Planning

An event planner creates, produces and facilitates special events according to a clients’ specifications. A culinary education provides insight into the timing, venue, clients’ culinary requests and expectations, and other critical elements to running a smooth, successful event for hotels/resorts, private clients, company events, conferences and venues.

Public Relations

Publicists for restaurants, chefs, food products and culinary organizations generate excitement and public awareness through press and media coverage. An ICC education provides knowledge of the lingo used in the industry, expertise in classic and contemporary cuisines and familiarity with today’s key players and trendsetters.


Marketers of food products and services create awareness for their clients through advertising, PR and special events, and pinpoint consumer trends. This requires a knowledge of the industry, its key players, tastes and trends to bring to public relations agencies, restaurants, corporations or hotels.

Culinary Sales

Sales professionals provide specialty food, wines and spirits to wholesale distributors, restaurants, resorts and hotels. Product knowledge, as well as an informed understanding of the applications of these products and how restaurants will buy and use them, is essential for this position.

Product Development

Food product development specialists identify market trends and then help develop the products to fulfill that demand. Technical expertise; knowledge of food components and make-up; and the creativity to invent new products or improve existing ones, as well as recipe development, are the main qualifications for a career in large food corporations or corporate restaurants/chains.

Private Chef

Work for families and private clients by producing menus to their diverse specifications, including shopping, storage and safe handling of all food products, as well as managing a staff. Potential employers include families, celebrities, high-net-worth individuals and catering companies.

Corporate Dining

Corporate dining rooms are becoming increasingly prevalent, from banquet (mass-production) to high-end executive level. An ICC education provides expertise in creating menus, preparing food and efficiently organizing kitchen operations for large corporations.


Opportunities include sales-client relationships, PR, cooking and operations, which all call for a background in food preparation; handling and presentation; flexibility in meeting site-specific restrictions; skill at preparing theme- or site-appropriate food; and more. Potential employers are hotels, private venues, catering companies and film shoots.

Test Kitchen

Testing recipes and products for corporations, media, TV and film, which are based on a given or known recipe for a target audience, requires the ability to cook, to detect subtle differences and to achieve a desired taste or texture. It’s an essential role in food magazines, cookbook publishers, consultants and food companies.


Nutritionists and health professionals develop menus and products based on dietary restrictions, which requires experience with methods of cooking and insight into how to keep food interesting and delicious, while still meeting customers’ needs. Potential employers are hospitals, private clients or corporations.

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