Wellness Events To Kick Off The New Year At ICC

This New Year, we’re kicking off 2020 the right way by focusing on health & wellness in the culinary & pastry industry! We’re teaming up with ICC alumna Katzie Guy-Hamilton to challenge the concept of “healthy” desserts and The Center for Discovery to explore the healing properties and nutrition of food.

We’ll begin the month joined by The Center for Discovery’s Jennifer Franck—Assistant Chief, Department of Nourishment Arts—and Executive Chef Peggy Parten to discuss The Center’s mission and goals, as well as how food can have the power to heal. During Chef Katzie’s demonstration, she’ll discuss clean dessert concepts and leveraging fresh flavors as she sits down with her former ICC Chef-Instructor, Jürgen David, to discuss her career after pastry school. Plus, you’ll have an opportunity to taste what we discuss for yourself!

Check out the full event descriptions below and be sure to RSVP to join!

jennifer franck

The Power of Food With The Center for Discovery

January 15 | 3:30pm-5:00pm | ICC Amphitheater

Food has the power to greatly support or completely undermine health.  What, how much, and when we eat can often determine whether we live relatively healthy lives or spend much of it dealing with chronic illness.

Join us for a discussion with Jennifer Franck—Assistant Chief of the Department of Nourishment Arts at The Center for Discovery—focusing on the role of food in health and what foundational principles chefs can use to create dishes that help support optimal wellness. She’ll be joined by the Center’s Executive Chef, Peggy Parten, who will demonstrate these ideas through the ingredients grown on the farm.

No RSVP required for students & alumni.
Limited seating available for the general public, RSVP to events@culinarycenter.com to attend.

katzie guy hamilton

Challenging “Healthy” Desserts with Katzie Guy-Hamilton

January 22 | 3:30pm-5:00pm | ICC Amphitheater

Wellness is a hot button word, but what does it really mean? What does Wellness really look like in a real life? You are a better Chef when you feel great and make better decisions. But wellness and eating “clean” can also be overwhelming.

Join us for a demonstration with ICC alumna Katzie Guy-Hamilton, author, food & beverage consultant for Clarkson Sears Holdings, and formerly the food & beverage director for Equinox. In her debut cookbook Clean Enough: Get Back to Basics and Leave Room for Dessert, she ditches trends and gives a comprehensive guide to cooking simple, whole ingredients that don’t require sacrificing flavor! With a focus on food, you’ll learn fresh food principles and some delicious, daringly simple dishes to fuel yourself and others with feel good fresh food. She’ll focus on clean dessert concepts, leveraging more fresh flavors like juicy grapefruit and tea, paired with light as air meringues, refreshing granitas and tangy yogurts to challenge the concept of “healthy” desserts, replacing it with the perspective of fresh and natural treats. Watch as she demonstrates her Grapefruit & Elderflower with coconut granite and a Labne & Honey Rye Tart with Blood Orange & Pear, and get a chance to taste it for yourself!

No RSVP required for students & alumni.
Limited seating available for the general public, RSVP to events@culinarycenter.com to attend.