Welcome to the Library!

By Sara Medlicott,
ICC Librarian

Maybe you have heard a thing or two about the ICC Library, or perhaps you have passed me by and peeked into my aquarium. It’s a great space with a fantastic selection of resources and a knowledgeable librarian to assist you. The glass walls of the room give us a lot of light, so it’s a perfect place to study and meet up with classmates or relax after class. If you’re wondering, yes, food is allowed in the culinary library.

There are computers available for use as well as a copier, scanner and fax machine. All services are free for students, staff and alumni. Our collection contains over 5,000 volumes, over 1,000 DVDs and 20 magazine subscriptions. Staff and students can check out up to 7 books or DVDs at a time.


So, which books, DVDs and magazines do we have? Our unique collection exists to support the ICC curriculum, meaning you can find just about anything relating to culinary, pastry and wine studies. We have cookbooks of course but we also have chef memoirs and biographies, food history, food writing and books to support your career search or if you’d like to start a small business. I rotate featured titles depending on the season and which events are coming up.


Currently, I have the James Beard award winners displayed in the library. I also have a shelf featuring staff picks which changes monthly, so take a look and see which books inspire our chefs and administrators. I always feature new books on a cart in the front of the library. Check out the library blog to see specific titles highlighted, or search our catalogue for the entire collection.


Our DVDs include documentaries; TV shows and feature films but also every chef demo that has taken place in the amphitheater. If you are a big fan of a particular chef, definitely look through our DVD catalogue, you may find some very rare footage that can’t be seen elsewhere. If you missed a class or were confused about a particular technique you learned there, we have those on DVD as well. We subscribe to the New York Times and all major food and wine magazines as well as a few smaller ones. These need to stay in the library, but stop by to take a look when new issues arrive.


Now you are probably wondering the same thing people ask me all the time. What does a culinary librarian do?

I was trained in library science and I have worked in many different kinds of libraries but I have to say hands down this is my favorite. I’m a home cook and food lover and I bring that passion to work. I’m here to provide reference, with an in depth knowledge of the collection to help you track down a recipe or history of a wine region.

I can also offer book recommendations if you are looking for some leisure reading or if you would like to increase your knowledge base on a particular topic. I also love to do research; don’t hesitate to come to me if you need assistance in that realm. While a librarian will never play favorites, I have had some interesting research questions here including the history of curry, the different categories of petit fours and the background on seafood sausage.


So, if you haven’t come to visit yet, please stop by and take a look around.

Be sure to follow the library on Twitter @intlcullibrary where you will see updates when everything new arrives!