Pursue what you love

By Julia Johnson,
Professional Culinary Arts student

Respond to every call that excites your spirit. – Rumi

It’s hard to pinpoint a defining moment that began my love affair with food. It seems to be more of a compilation of many moments that led me from a teaching job, to a corporate position working for a celebrity chef, and then ultimately, to pursue my passion in earnest at International Culinary Center. In life, I’ve found, our paths aren’t as straight and defined as we often expect them to be.


Food has always been a hobby of mine – I’ve long enjoyed cooking for family, hosting friends for dinner parties, and blogging about my recipes. Cooking for a living, however, was always a dream – something that was fun to think about, but for various reasons, I never thought could be my reality. It wasn’t until about a year ago that I felt the call to leave my inhibitions behind and just go for it.


It has been a little over a month since I started the Professional Culinary Arts Program at ICC. To say the program has exceeded my expectations is a vast understatement. I spend my days with 16 classmates from all over the world and we have already cooked our way through countless dishes at the direction of accomplished and inspiring chefs. Each of us has our own story, and a unique path that brought us to this point, but we are also bound by the same passion and a drive to pursue what we love. Food unites us all.


I feel both privileged and honored to be writing for ICC, and look forward to sharing seasonal recipes that highlight the techniques I’m learning in class. Whether you are a chef, current student, alum of the school, or just love good food, I hope these recipes will inspire you in your own kitchen.

– Julia
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