Italian Culinary Experience Diary

After ten weeks of studying Italian cooking fundamentals, authentic ingredients, traditional dishes and Italian language in New York City, our students fly to the famed Emilia-Romagna region of Italy. For nine exhilarating weeks, they study at our sister school, ALMA, The International School of Italian Cuisine near Parma, where our students expand their knowledge with history, visits from master chefs and field trips to the sources of authentic Italian cuisine: regional farms, factories and vineyards that employ traditional methods.

Italian Culinary Arts student Lauren Fuschillo documented her ALMA experiences in the series of blog posts:

Part 1: From New York to Italy.

“Gratitude fills my heart as I pack my knives, my passport and those travel converters. Excitement engulfs my thoughts as my mind races – thinking and daydreaming about all the adventures I’ll experience while spending the next six and a half months in Italy with the nine members of my new chosen family. We’re Chef Guido’s “soldiers” and here we go, we’re getting on the plane to cook our hearts out and own every second that this world can give.”


Part 2: First days at ALMA.

“We reviewed all the routine procedures, met the faculty and chefs, were fitted for uniforms, etc. We toured the classrooms, demo rooms and kitchens – all beautiful and grand! In the middle of it all there’s an adorable little cafe serving up delicious espresso for the students and faculty all day long. Pinch me?”


Part 3: A day in the life

Here’s how Lauren spent her days at ALMA.


Part 4: EXPO Milano 2015.

“In the morning all of the students meet and hop into the van. I’ve got a comfy seat to myself and pastry in hand, thanks to my bud Mikey (you probably see him on my Instagram on the reg, he’s one of my best friends and pretty soon going to be one of the most amazing chefs around!) We chat, we nap, we jam out and we get ourselves psyched to see one of our favorite teachers, Michele Crippa, and visit the Expo!”

Part 5: Externship assignments.

“They announced each assignment one by one, accompanying the announcement with a photo and map of where each student will be. We went in alphabetical order, so I was fifth to hear the news. My stomach was rumbling and my hands were shaking, and then it all stopped. “Lauren Fuschillo will be going to Cagliari, Sardegna to work with Chef Stefano Deidda at Dal Corsaro Restaurant.””


The next Italian Culinary Experience program starts on March 7th, learn more.