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ICC Announces New Professional Development Scholarship for 2019

Over half a million dollars in scholarships available for industry professionals over the next two years!

2019 marks the 35th anniversary of the International Culinary Center’s founding in New York City, and with it, over three decades of educating culinary, pastry and wine professionals for success in the industry. To celebrate this achievement and to continue our mission to train the next generation of culinary leaders and innovators, ICC is excited to announce the launch of a new scholarship—the ICC Professional Development Scholarship—to support the educational pursuits of professionals working, or with experience, in the culinary and hospitality industry. Over the next two years, ICC will award up to $720,000 in scholarships to industry professionals seeking to continue their education at the International Culinary Center in one of our four specialized programs of study—The Art of International Bread Baking, Intensive Sommelier Training, Cake Techniques & Design, and Food Business Fundamentals.

Student Baking BreadThe ICC Professional Development Scholarship will provide continuing education opportunities for professionals either currently working in, or with past experience in the culinary and hospitality industry to expand the scope and depth of their skills. Over 200 scholarships will be available from now until 2020 to enroll in ICC programs and receive certifications in bread baking, cake decorating or wine studies—or in the case of our Food Business Fundamentals program, a business plan to start your food business.



cake studentLeland Scruby, Vice President of Education, spearheaded the scholarship development and understands the importance of creating opportunities like this for our industry. “ICC has always believed in helping industry professionals advance to the next step in their careers through continuing education”  says Scruby. He shares that this special scholarship program “will help those who have already gained some experience in the food world enhance their skills in food business, bread baking, cake design and sommelier training. Expertise in one of these areas can help distinguish professionals in their job search and make them a far more desirable candidate to an employer.”

Sommelier studentWith many scholarship candidates looking to go back to school while continuing to work, ICC’s fast-track courses are designed to deliver the maximum education in the minimum amount of time with schedule options that help to accommodate the working professional. Whether it’s the option of studying in the full-time day or part-time evening Intensive Sommelier Training programs, or in the blended in-person and on-line 6-week Food Business Fundamentals program, ICC’s programs help students acquire the skills and certifications needed to stay ahead of the curve in just weeks, not months.


Incoming students with verified industry experience on their resume and a letter from their present or past employer will be eligible to apply for these partial-tuition scholarships toward the Food Business Fundamentals program, or professional programs in bread baking, cake design, and sommelier training. Scholarship applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis and awarded upon acceptance in eligible programs. Click here to learn more about the the ICC Professional Development Scholarship!

Learn more about the programs eligible for the ICC Professional Development Scholarship here: