2016 Commencement Ceremony and Dan Barber’s wise words

ICC’s 2016 Commencement Ceremony at Carnegie Hall was a huge success! Congratulations to all of our graduates and Outstanding Alumni award winners. A big thank you to our keynote speaker ICC grad Chef Dan Barber for such inspiring speech! Here’s an excerpt:

I remember, not long after I had graduated from FCI, I was listening to a very, very famous chef get asked a question on a stage similar to this, “What do you feel about the future of the industry for young cooks?”, and he answered quite honestly. He said “I feel really sad for graduating cooks and young cooks, cooks that haven’t become chefs yet, because I think that the industry is tightening. I think the opportunity for success is closing rapidly.” This was twenty years ago. God, was he so wrong.

He was so wrong because look at what’s happened in the last twenty years, look at what’s happened to our industry! There’s more opportunity now than ever before. People you hear today say “What’s really the worth of a culinary education, what’s really the possibility for all these crazy hours and drudgery and hard work that we do, where is it leading to? Where is the path in this future that we’re looking at?”

Well, the truth is there’s more opportunity now than ever before and my hope, or my suggestion, is that the future of really good food is going to be more and more connected to how the world is used and if we can educate our palates to connect with that, we will not only be better chefs and more successful, but we will steward the way we want our land used for future generations and the next class that follows you in thirty and forty years. So with that I wish you all the luck in the world. Thank you!

Dan Barber speaks at International Culinary Center's graduation ceremony in Carnegie Hall

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