Business Bites: Financing Your Startup

Business Bites: Financing Your Startup Panel

The BUSINESS BITES SERIES, brought to you by the Food Business Fundamentals program at ICC, is a series of workshops, discussion panels and networking events designed to support entrepreneurs in the food industry. Each event is designed to provide education, information and the opportunity to connect with industry experts in a collaborative setting.

BUSINESS BITES: Financing Your Startup

Bootstrapping? Crowd funding? Debt? Equity? Which one is right for you.

Thursday November 16th | 6:30-8:00pm
International Culinary Center
462 Broadway, 2nd Floor Theater

Startup financing is a critical part of any new business venture and getting it right can mean the difference between success and failure. Understanding the options available is the first step in determining what type of funding is the right fit for you and your business.

Join us for an informative discussion panel where we define and explore financing options available to food business startups and present answers to the most prevalent questions around how to approach funding. You’ll also have ample time for networking and the opportunity to learn how ICC’s Food Business Fundamentals program can take you from concept to business plan & pitch in just 6-weeks!


Alek Marfisi, Upwind Strategies
Alek Marfisi (Moderator)

Owner, Upwind Strategies

Cheryl Clements of PieShell
Cheryl Clements

Founder + CEO, PieShell

Bryan Doxford, NYBDC
Bryan Doxford

SVP + Program Manager, Community Lending at NYBDC

Serra Kazanc, Kiva US
Serra Kazanc

NYC Lead, Kiva US