Alumni Interview with Abraham Scott (Pastry Arts’16)

My name is Abraham Scott and I currently work as a Pastry Cook at 2-Michelin-starred Marea Fine Dining Restaurant. I’m a recent graduate of the Professional Pastry Arts program and I am so proud to say that ICC gave me the foundation to be working at a Top 10 NYC restaurant. Prior to attending ICC, I worked in IT for a many years at City University of New York.

– What is your best memory from your time at ICC?

A class trip to Jacques Torres’ Factory in Sunset Park, Brooklyn! Our Dean of Pastry Arts took us on a tour of his massive chocolate factory. Of course, we got a chance to taste many of the chocolate treats. It was a very inspiring outing, Jacques shared his own pastry stories and professional experiences with us.

Pastry School New York City

– Describe a day in your life.

My work day begins at 3pm. I do inventory of all of our desserts to make sure we have ingredients on hand. The Desserts menu is a wide spectrum of items which range from Mascarpone Panna Cotta to Bomboloni (Blueberry Doughnuts served with Honey & Lemon Curd). I am also responsible for prepping the desserts for the dinner service, which lasts from 6pm through 11pm on weekdays and 11:30pm on Saturdays. During the actual service, I am engaged in plating desserts at a rapid pace. Our covers average 260-300 a night, or even higher on the weekends.

Once the last order is out, I break down the station and clean the area, restock it for the morning cooks. I usually leave work at around 1:30am in the morning five days a week, and I get 2 consecutive days off a week.

Bomboloni at Marea (Photo by Ted Axelrod)
Bomboloni at Marea (Photo by Ted Axelrod)

– What would you tell someone who wants to start a career in pastry?

Since graduating from the ICC program I received EIGHT job opportunities, which is amazing! The best advice I received at ICC is to “Choose the job based on what you will to learn the most from” — that’s why now I am learning daily at Marea.

– What’s next for you?

I’m currently perfecting my ice cream recipes because I want to develop a line of ice cream products and hope to launch a pop up parlor in 2017.