When you grow up watching your parents love what they do, you quickly learn that it’s not only possible, it’s imperative, to do the same. Indeed, Rob Anderson, inspired by a mother who loved to cook and a father excited by his business on a daily basis, knew well to follow his passion. The trick, of course, as it is for many, was finding it.

An avid cook since his days of playing TV chef as a kid, Rob was also drawn to the written word. As an undergraduate at Georgetown University, he spent many happy hours writing for the student paper, The Voice. A career in journalism seemed like a no-brainer. He did well. With stints at The New Republic and The Washington Post and he picked up a Master’s Degree from Columbia School of Journalism, landed a choice position in the opinion pages of The Boston Globe. Mission accomplished, that is until he discovered Provincetown, Massachusetts, fell in love—with the place and a person—and began to see different possibilities.

In 2011, he took a giant step away from the newspaper world when he and his then boyfriend bought and renovated an old waterfront building in the center of Provincetown that included a restaurant space. By 2013, the journey was complete.  At the encouragement of family and friends, constant beneficiaries of Rob’s culinary talent, he enrolled in ICC’s Culinary Arts and Culinary Entrepreneurship courses and launched The Canteen.

Well received for its fresh take on local fare from the very beginning, The Canteen was named the #1 Restaurant in Cape Cod by Boston Magazine in 2014, just in time for the summer rush.  Learn more about him here.


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