Scholarship Award: $5,000

Applicant Eligibility: Applicant must be a firefighter or officer who has served within the past 5 years.

Application Deadline: Varies

To honor firefighters and police officers who are currently serving or have served within the past five years, as well as their children, ICC awards Culinary and Pastry Arts scholarships on an ongoing basis.

Eligible courses include:

  • Professional Culinary Arts
  • Professional Pastry Arts

Applicants can apply in ONE of three ways:

1. Write a 500-word essay describing your educational and career goals
2. Answer three questions regarding your educational and career goals or
3. Submit a video expressing your educational and career goals

*No student may receive a combination of institutional or external scholarships that exceeds their out-of-pocket tuition cost.

Contact ICC’s Financial Aid Office at for more information.


To apply for International Culinary Center scholarships, submit the following materials (along with any other requirements specific to the scholarship you are applying for):

  • This is a “need-based” scholarship. A completed (FAFSA ) Free Application for Federal Student Aid is required.
  • Applicants must also complete the scholarship application online.
  • Applicants much choose ONE of the three options to apply:
  1. Write an essay (roughly 500 words) describing your passion for cooking and goals for enrolling in your chosen program.
  2. Answer three questions:
    • Why did you choose ICC and this program?
    • Once you graduate, what is your goal?
    • How would this scholarship help you to achieve that goal?
  3. Submit a video you have created describing your passion for cooking and goals for enrolling in your chosen program

Materials may be submitted by email or mailed to:

International Culinary Center
Office of Financial Aid

462 Broadway, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10013

If you have not yet submitted an admission application through the ICC website or in person, please so do. It is required to be considered for a scholarship.