Scholarship Award: Varies

Applicant Eligibility: Varies

Application Deadline: Varies

To help you get started on your own research, here’s a list of organizations that have awarded scholarships to our students in the past. In addition to the scholarships called out on our website, many employers and unions offer scholarships to employees or to the children of employees. It may be worthwhile to ask your family if their companies or unions offer this benefit.

2018 Consolidated Foodservice Scholarship
For high school students or currently enrolled college students who are looking to enter the Culinary Arts or Hospitality Management fields.

Achievement Scholarship Program
For African-American high school seniors pursuing post-secondary education.

AFL-CIO Department of Education 
Scholarships and grants provided by various labor unions.

American Culinary Federation Education Foundation
The ACFEF, with the support of the American Academy of Chefs, offers educational scholarships to high school students that have a career goal of becoming a chef or pastry chef.

American Hotel & Lodging Educational Foundation 
For students enrolled in hospitality management programs.

For high school seniors who are planning a career in the field of food service.

Canadian Hospitality Foundation 
For students preparing for a career in the food service, tourism, or hospitality industry in Canada.

Imagine America Foundation
For adult learners and high school seniors enrolling in career colleges.

Charlie Trotter’s Culinary Education Foundation 
For students who are Chicago resident seeking a career in culinary arts.

Hawai’i Community Foundation 
Consists of over 150 scholarship funds in Hawaii.

IACP Culinary Trust
Scholarships for study in culinary and pastry arts.

ICES (International Cake Exploration) 
For students seeking a pastry career.

IFEC (International Foodservice Editorial) 
For students pursuing careers in writing, editing, public relations, and marketing.

Applicant must be enrolled or accepted as a full-time student in a food service-related major.

James Beard Foundation 
James Beard Foundation School Scholarships have been established to assist aspiring culinary professionals who plan to further their education at a licensed or accredited culinary school. A range of $2,000-$5,000 awards are available for ICC’s Professional Culinary Arts, Pastry Arts, Cake Techniques & Design and Intensive Sommelier Training programs.

National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation 

For students enrolled in restaurant and food service post-secondary programs.

Statler Foundation 
For students majoring in hotel management and culinary arts in who live in the Western New York area. Call 716.852.1104 or write to the following address for an application: 107 Delaware Ave, Suite 680 | Buffalo, NY 14202.

WebstaurantStore – Culinary and Hospitality Scholarship
The WebstaurantStore Scholarship is a $1,500 Grant for students who are currently enrolled in, or are planning to attend, culinary arts school or college majoring in the Culinary Arts or Hospitality Management fields. This scholarship is awarded twice a year. The deadlines for each semester are December 1st and June 15th annually.
Eligible ICC programs include: Professional Culinary Arts, Culinary + Farm-to-Table, Pastry Arts and Intensive Sommelier Training programs.

WSCV Wine Professional Grant Program
The Wineries of Santa Clara Valley (WSCV), provides grants to aspiring wine educators and wine stewards from Santa Clara County to reimburse the cost of the Court of Master Sommeliers – Level 1 certification test.

Women Chefs & Restaurateurs
For members of the WCR who are 18 years of age or older (21 for wine scholarships).

Speak to your financial aid adviser or contact us with any questions.