ICC Professional Development Scholarship

Scholarship Awards (multiple available):

Applicant Eligibility
Must have past or present culinary or hospitality industry experience—reflected on a resume—as well as a letter from an industry employer. Applicant must also be enrolled in one of the following eligible programs:

Application Deadline:

This scholarship is intended to support the educational pursuits of professionals working, or with experience, in the culinary and hospitality industry through opportunities to continue their education at ICC. Financial need is not a criterion for this scholarship. Applicants must provide proof of industry experience by submitting a resume and letter from an industry employer. All required documentation must be submitted in order to be considered for a scholarship.

Contact ICC’s Financial Aid Office at finaid@culinarycenter.com for more information.

Application Criteria:

Must be an applicant of one of the following programs:

Demonstrate that you are a culinary or hospitality professional currently working in, or with past experience in the industry.

Must complete the scholarship application and submit the following:

  • Resume reflecting past or present industry experience
  • Letter from an industry employer

All required documentation must be submitted prior to starting a program in order to be considered.

*No student may receive a combination of institutional or external scholarships that exceeds their out-of-pocket tuition cost.


To apply for International Culinary Center scholarships, submit the following materials:

  • Scholarship application online
  • Submit the following documents:
    • Resume reflecting past or present industry experience
    • Letter from an industry employer

Materials may be submitted by email or mailed to:

International Culinary Center
Office of Financial Aid

462 Broadway, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10013

If you have not yet submitted an admission application through the ICC website or in person, please so do. It is required to receive the scholarship.