A Short History Of ICC

Our Mission

As a global leader in professional culinary, pastry and wine education, ICC’s mission is to train the next generation of culinary leaders and innovators, providing them with the credentials, confidence and connections to succeed in the food & wine industry.

Who We Are

The maximum education in the minimum amount of time: International Culinary Center’s first-rate education is designed for real-world achievement. Through our award-winning, Total Immersion curriculum, learn the fundamentals from experienced chef-instructors who expect the best from you. Our intensive, fast-track programs set you on a path for professional success in just months.

From entrepreneurial alumni like Bobby Flay, Dan Barber, David Chang, Wylie Dufresne and Christina Tosi to legendary deans including Jacques Pépin and Jacques Torres, ICC cultivates talent. With more than 15,000 alumni from 80 countries over the past three decades, our school is well-connected and will work with you throughout your career.

Our New York City campus offers access to some of the best cuisine in the world from its home base of stylish Soho. Our Silicon Valley campus gives access to some of the best California vineyards and farm-to-table cooking. Both schools serve as the international “center” of your journey, with experiences beyond the kitchen. You supply the desire; we’ll help you develop your craft, earn your diploma and gain confidence, providing a solid return on your investment.

We believe HARD WORK TASTES GOOD—combine our education with your drive and there is no limit to your success.

Why Teach Technique?

It comes down to this: you have to know the classics to do the modern. The core of ICC’s Total Immersion hands-on education is technique. From day 1, you’ll learn fundamental techniques to keep building upon throughout your culinary training, and your lifetime. These classical techniques, first codified by the French, open the door to all different cuisines. It’s the skills and confidence you learn at ICC, merged with your own ambition, that sets the rhythm for your career.

Professional Instruction—and Lifelong Mentors

Our deans and founder Dorothy Cann Hamilton are the standard for excellence in the industry. They created ICC’s award-winning curriculum, and always bring their accomplishments and experiences to the table. Over the decades, their vision and guidance have led ICC to earn worldwide respect. No other school can come close to this A-list of talent.


ICC Deans from left: Alan Richman, Cesare Casella, André Soltner, Emily Luchetti, Alain Sailhac, David Kinch, Jacques Torres, Jacques Pépin

We train excellent chefs to be exceptional teachers. Not only do lead instructors have a minimum 10 years’ fine dining experience under their toques, they are devoted to helping students flourish. Each level in Culinary and Pastry brings a different instructor–and an exciting new chapter of learning. Many graduates keep in touch with their instructors, and come back to visit. See what industry leaders say about ICC here and meet our advisory board of culinary, pastry and wine professionals here.

Commencement Ceremony

Upon completion of your program at ICC, you receive a Grand Diplôme, a credential recognized around the globe. ICC also holds an annual commencement, this year at NYC’s iconic Carnegie Hall, with chef keynotes such as Thomas Keller, Bobby Flay, Marcus Samuelsson and Dan Barber, that students from that year can attend. For many, this ceremony is a milestone and an emotional moment, crossing the stage as parents, friends and faculty applaud your achievement in a hall filled with toques!

Charitable Outreach

We strive to offer the best training possible, serving the culinary community and beyond. By providing institutional scholarships, working with charitable organizations, and through community & student outreach, ICC continues to find ways to bring educational opportunities to communities in need. Learn more about our partnerships with Friends of ICC, Hot Bread Kitchen, and other charitable organizations.

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