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Culinary Careers Outside the Kitchen – ICC

At ICC, we prepare our students for success in the culinary industry. By arming students with the professional training and hands-on experience today’s employers are looking for, we give them the skills needed to follow their passions to the culinary career of their dreams—and that doesn’t always mean working inside the kitchen. Our grads pursue culinary careers in a wide range of fields, from food media and styling to product development, event production and management.

Career in Food Writing

If you’re passionate about food and love to write, then a career in food writing could be perfect for you. Food writers usually work for magazines, blogs and other publications, and specialize in writing about food and wine trends, personalities, restaurants and events in the culinary world. This can include writing reviews, articles, promotional materials, recipes, and virtually any other kind of content you can think of. When it comes to food writing, many employers are looking for more than just good writers; they want good writers who also have a solid understanding of culinary techniques and principles. Many students have come to ICC with the intention of becoming a food writer from the very start.

Career in Food Styling

Food stylists translate appetite into art; they specialize in styling food for editorial or advertising, whether it be magazine photo shoots, TV commercials, cookbooks or films. A professional culinary education is a strong base for a career in food styling, since it provides the skills needed to evaluate food traits and photogenic qualities for the camera. In fact, many successful food stylists actually start out in professional kitchens. Food stylists often work closely with chefs and editors, so a culinary education can be a real advantage.

Other Culinary Careers

Food writing and food styling are just some of the careers ICC grads pursue outside the kitchen. Our alumni work in a diverse range of fields, including:culinary careers outside the kitchen: cookbook author

  • Entrepreneurial food business
  • Cookbook author or editor
  • Product development
  • Nutrition
  • Food TV producer
  • Food magazine editor
  • Catering/event production
  • Corporate dining
  • Restaurant consultant
  • Food publicist
  • Food photographer
  • Sales & marketing
  • Food retailer

No matter which path you choose, a culinary education can help you thrive in your new career.


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Whatever your passions, ICC’s expert training gives you the background and skills you need to forge your own path in the culinary industry. To learn more about culinary careers outside the kitchen,  just complete the form on this page to get more information.

Culinary Arts Career Information

Are you interested in a culinary career? Many people dream of a career in culinary arts, but don’t know how to get into this exciting field. If you have contemplated following your dream to build a career in culinary arts, the International Culinary Center has a roadmap through which you can build your culinary career. The following details some of the fields our alumni are working in, and possible culinary career paths for ICC graduates:

Culinary Career as a Chef

Professional chefs and cooks prepare food in restaurants or other dining establishments. An executive chef supervises other culinary workers and is responsible for running the kitchen, and in some cases, the entire establishment. Other cooks who work under the executive chef may be an assistant or have a specific title as a grill or prep cook. Also working under executive chefs, line cooks—reported by the New York Times as one of the positions in the culinary industry in highest demand—can have the opportunity to work their way up the culinary ladder, moving up to sous chef, to chef de cuisine, to executive chef and, for some entrepreneurs, to chef-owners.

Culinary Career as a Bakery or Pastry Chef

If you have an entrepreneurial and creative spirit, running a bakery or pastry shop is a perfect culinary career. Baking for birthdays, weddings and other special events, or just everyday indulgences as part of the neighborhood – there is a large market for specialty-baked goods. Many graduates of the ICC Professional Pastry Arts program go on to open their own pastry shops across the country, along with working in top restaurants.

Culinary Career as a Food Stylist

When you look at a picture of food in a magazine or a steaming plate on your favorite cooking show, you aren’t just looking at the latest recipe created on the fly. These are actually carefully constructed, highly appealing visuals of food.

In a culinary career as a food stylist, you would arrange a meal on a plate and prepare the food to make it look its best. In short, food stylists are the artists of the culinary world and may work as freelancers, with photographers, food magazines, advertising agencies, cookbook publishers or cooking shows.

Culinary Career as a Caterer

From smaller boutique parties to large-scale events such as weddings, caterers typically cook for large numbers of people for a specific occasion. Many operate their own small business, and provide the menu creation and food at various off-site venues.

Culinary Career as a Personal Chef

Personal chefs — also called private chefs — are increasing in popularity, especially in larger cities. As a professional private chef, you typically serve a small number of clients, preparing meals and small catered events following the client’s specific preferences and dietary needs. Most private chefs prepare a week’s worth of food at a time, creating meals that can be frozen and then later prepared by their client. Other chefs who work with one client, creating fresh meals daily.

Becoming a private chef has the potential to be one of the most financially rewarding careers in culinary services, especially if you find a niche servicing higher-end clients. Almost all private chefs work for themselves.

Culinary Career in Corporate Dining

Corporate dining rooms with best-in-class food are increasing in popularity from banquet to high-end executive level services.

Culinary Career as a Nutritionist

A nutritionist combines culinary skills with a background in science to learn how the body reacts to certain nutrients in food. Many nutritionists present their services to clients similar to private chefs, although nutritionists offer more consulting and teach their clients meal preparation for dietary needs.

Many nutritionists have a bachelor’s degree, but this is not required to practice in the field.

Culinary Career in Restaurant Management and Food Businesses

Restaurant management combines the creativity of culinary arts with business acumen. There is a wide range of possible careers for graduates of ICC’s Culinary Entrepreneurship program, including running your own food establishment, starting a gourmet Internet enterprise, launching a specialty food product, etc.

Choose Your Culinary Career – Choose ICC

No matter what your specific interest may be, an amazing culinary career is waiting for you. Consider everything that interests you, in addition to your passion for food, and you can find your niche. Explore available Professional Culinary Pastry and Management programs at the International Culinary Center and launch your career today or complete the form on this page to request more information.