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Great bread is at the heart of Nordic cuisine and now you can learn the unique style of bread developed by Claus Meyer in Denmark.

With long fermentation, lots of organic wholegrain and high hydration, these loaves are juicy, nutritious, nourishing and full of flavor. In this 3.5 hour class led by Thomas Steinmann, Head Baker of Meyers Bageri, you’ll learn to bake the signature Rye Bread loaf and the Øland Wheat Bread, applying the key principles of Meyers Bageri’s (Bakery) organic whole grain philosophy. Learn the techniques related to these unconventional types of dough, including mixing, kneading, proofing, shaping and baking, and gain the knowledge to make great bread at home!

What You’ll Enjoy:

  • Demonstration of the stone milling process of locally grown Øland Wheat
  • Baked whole grain wheat bread and rye bread to take home
  • Whole grain wheat bread dough to bake at home
  • Sourdough in a pan, ready to bake at home
  • Charcuterie, cheese, butter and jam to enjoy with your fresh baked bread in class
  • Coffee from Brownsville roaster, tea and ciders
  • Recipe booklet and apron to bring home

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About Thomas Steinmann: Head Baker, Meyers Bageri
Thomas established his proud baking philosophy as an apprentice at Meyers Bageri in Denmark. After graduating, he continued to carry out high quality craftsmanship, while leading the popular baking classes at Meyers Bageri in Denmark. Thomas has unremitting interest in developing and teaching techniques for baking fluffy bread with true whole grain flour, where the nutritious germ and bran from the grains have been preserved.

Photo Credit: Skovdahl Nordic / Stine Christiansen

Important: Please review our Cancellation and Refund Policy and dress code. Check back frequently to see new start dates or contact us at 888.324.2433. Although the International Culinary Center is accredited by the ACCSC, this course does not fall within the scope of the commission’s accreditation. This non-professional course is designed for personal enrichment and is not intended to qualify a student for employment. This class is also open to students 13 – 15 years of age, but they must be accompanied by an enrolled adult.

Meyers Bageri Baking Class_resized
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