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Learn to incorporate modern sous vide techniques into your restaurant or home kitchen through ICC’s re-launched Sous Vide Intensive!

In this 2-day hands-on course—taught by ICC’s Director of Culinary Arts & Technology, Chef Hervé Malivert—you’ll gain an understanding of how time and temperature influence taste and texture, learning to apply proper safety techniques to sous vide preparations. Combining practical and theoretical instruction into one, you’ll evaluate the difference between classic preparations and sous vide cooking methods, as well as taste side-by-side comparisons of various temperatures, and times of cooking protein.


Through this course, you’ll learn the techniques behind low temperature cooking and how to adapt them to your own kitchen—whether you plan to use what you learn in a professional restaurant or home kitchen setting! You’ll explore both professional grade equipment and at-home versions of immersion circulators, as well as the difference between using sous vide vacuum bags and other alternatives. Through this course, you’ll learn to control temperature to the exact “done-ness” and discover how sous vide methods can allow the use of different meat cuts. By the end, you’ll taste, test and explore various applications of sous vide cooking for your kitchen, with an array of proteins, vegetables and more! Plus, Chef Hervé will share some of his tips for plating any number of these dishes to perfection!

  • Understanding of sous vide cooking methods (including best practices and what to avoid)
  • To apply proper safety techniques
  • Introduction to sous vide equipment (including professional grade immersion circulators, as well as new at-home versions)
  • How to use and take care of various equipment for restaurant & home kitchen use
  • Techniques for using vacuum chambers vs food sealers and alternative methods to vacuum-pack bags
  • Influence of time & temperature on taste & texture
  • Evaluate the difference between classic & sous vide preparations
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Important: Please review our Cancellation and Refund Policy and dress code. Check back frequently to see new start dates or contact us at 888.324.2433. Although the International Culinary Center is accredited by the ACCSC, this course does not fall within the scope of the commission’s accreditation. This non-professional course is designed for personal enrichment and is not intended to qualify a student for employment.