ICC Pastry Chef Instructor
Associate Director of Pastry

Jürgen David brings the rich history of classic Viennese confections with him to the Pastry Arts Program. Born and raised in Vienna, Austria, Chef Jürgen was deemed a certified confectioner by the esteemed Viennese Commission of Confectioners. His determination and creativity have taken him from the 400-year-old landmark Kvikne Hotel in Norway to New York’s James Beard House, with many stops in between. One of the most enjoyable projects Chef Jürgen has worked on was the construction of the world’s largest Hershey’s Kiss. Early in 2013 Chef Jürgen lead the team to create a four foot sugar and chocolate showpiece of The Phantom of the Opera’s “Red Death”, commissioned by Sir Cameron Macintosh for the 25th Anniversary of “The Phantom of the Opera” on Broadway Gala at the New York Public Library. Just this week Chef Jürgen presented the new Broadway Phantom, Swedish pop star Peter Jöback, with a custom “Welcome to Broadway” cake on Opening Night, joined onstage by VIP guests and press. In his opinion, practice is what it takes to be successful in this field. “Never stop learning. Always try to make it better.” Chef Jürgen joined The International Culinary Center in 1997.