The International Culinary Center in NY

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New York

If you want to be a great chef, you can't learn everything from within the walls of a classroom. That's why the French Culinary Institute has evolved into the International Culinary Center, a world renowned culinary school based in NY.

You don't just learn basic culinary skills when you come here. You come to understand and to feel the whole culinary world. You have to network. You have to observe the true meaning of world-class performance. You have to intern at some of the world's great restaurants.

At the International Culinary Center's culinary school campuses in New York, NY, California, and Italy, we will expose you to the whole of the culinary world, one that is evolving rapidly. David Chang, Bobby Flay, Dan Barber, and so many more took the classic French principles that you'll only learn in this culinary school and used them as the springboard to let their imaginations fly.

The International Culinary Center offers courses that range from Classic French Techniques in Culinary, Pastry and Bread Baking, to Italian Studies to management, from culinary technology to food writing, from cake-making to wine tasting. Many students tell us how they came to our NY culinary school with one sense of taste and left with it entirely changed.

There is one common thread to all of our classes. We hold our teaching and our sense of skill, taste, and culture to a very high standard. Our alumni do the same.

So many of the world's greatest restaurants have told us that our students come the most fully prepared not only to contribute straight away, but to add to the thinking and inspiration of their kitchens.

Many of our students and alumni have told us that being at the International Culinary Center allows them to network with names, restaurants, and cuisines that they had never dreamed would be available.