Italian, International Culinary Center

ICC’s Italian Culinary Experience, designed by renowned chef Cesare Casella, immerses students in the culture and traditions of Italy’s cuisine. Over the course of seven months, our students will study authentic Italian ingredients, cooking techniques, classic dishes and Italian language under our experienced chef-instructors. Offered at both our New York and California campuses, our Italian Culinary Experience is perfect for aspiring chefs, combining cooking with the trip of a lifetime.

Study Abroad at Our Italian Sister School

After a 10-week training experience on the ICC campus to learn the fundamentals, you’ll travel with your class to Italy to study for nine weeks at our sister school, ALMA, The International School of Italian Cuisine. While in Italy, you’ll live in stylish housing built for our students, learn from top Italian instructors and get the opportunity to explore local vineyards, farms, and factories that employ timeless Italian traditions and techniques.

ICC students studying in Italy

Work as an Apprentice to Respected Italian Chefs

In week 20 of your Italian Culinary Experience, through special arrangements made by ICC, you’ll begin working as an apprentice to a highly-rated Italian chef. As an apprentice, you’ll work with your chef in his or her own restaurant to improve your Italian language skills and fine-tune your cooking techniques. After this once-in-a-lifetime experience, you’ll return to ALMA for your final practice exam—and you’ll be able to add a top European restaurant to your culinary resume.

Launch Your Italian Culinary Career at ICC


At the end of your Italian Culinary Experience, you’ll be armed with the expert training and real-world experience you need to launch your Italian culinary career. Enroll in the Italian Culinary Experience today, or fill out the form on this page to learn more.