Are you thinking about pursuing a career as a chef? Becoming a chef requires more training than most home chefs typically have. Let us guide you through the training and qualifications you need to become a chef. At the International Culinary Center, we offer a Professional Culinary Arts course with training that spans basic knife skills to every station on the line.

How long does it take to become a chef? Our professional chef training program is 600 hours, and gives students a culinary foundation, so they can begin a path to becoming a chef. In addition, students at the International Culinary Center have the option to explore other culinary areas in a 30 hour specialized course.

Experience required to start? None.


Chef Training at the International Culinary Center

International Culinary Center is a leader in wine and culinary education, and our professional chef programs are taught by chef-instructors with world-class standards.

Our Professional Culinary Arts program is unique in its trademarked Total ImmersionSM method of teaching. Our students are in the kitchen on day one, learning from hands-on experience. The course is broken down into separate units, each one building upon culinary techniques. Techniques are the essential building blocks to be able to create any cuisine. Moving through all six levels, you will have amassed the skills to move towards a successful culinary career upon graduation.

What You Will Learn

  • Classic French Techniques of Master Chefs
  • Fundamentals of Cooking
  • How to use Diverse Ingredients
  • High-volume Cooking
  • Keys to Assess Food Costs
  • Expanded Knowledge in an Area of Your Choosing (such as International Desserts, Intro to Food Business, Food Technology, Food Writing, French & Italian Breads, Whole Grain Breads, Wines of France, Brewing)


Launch Your Culinary Career as a Chef at ICC

Our chef-instructors guide you through the techniques used in top kitchens throughout the world and show you how specific dishes are created- all with personalized attention.

Begin your journey to becoming a chef today. Enroll in a Professional Culinary Arts program today or fill out the form on this page to request more information about International Culinary Center and become a part of our network of 15,000 graduates around the world.

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