Scholarships From The International Culinary Center & Other Sources

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We encourage students to fully explore their options when it comes to financing their education, including scholarship options. There are many different types of scholarship opportunities available. Scholarships may be awarded on need, experience, goals, and other factors that may surprise you. The award amounts vary, but every little bit can help. A variety of scholarships are available to students enrolled in programs at the International Culinary Center.

Scholarships that are awarded directly by the International Culinary Center may be granted based on need, experience, goals, and other factors, based on the decision of our scholarship committee, which is made up of the school's director of education, director of financial aid, and director of student affairs.

Each year, scholarships are awarded by the school and by industry organizations that have a specific interest in helping our students meet their tuition requirements. In addition to general scholarships for career training programs, the International Culinary Center is also offering special awards for international students and over one million dollars in scholarships for military veterans.

Here is a list of organizations that have awarded scholarships to our students in the past. In addition to the scholarships on our website, many employers and unions offer scholarships to employees or to the children of employees. It may be worthwhile to ask your family if their companies or unions offer this benefit.

Achievement Scholarship Program
For African-American high school seniors pursuing post-secondary education.

AFL-CIO Department of Education
Scholarships and grants provided by various labor unions.

American Hotel & Lodging Educational Foundation
For students enrolled in hospitality management programs.

For high school seniors who are planning a career in the field of food service.

Canadian Hospitality Foundation
For students preparing for a career in the food service, tourism, or hospitality industry in Canada.

Imagine America Foundation
For adult learners and high school seniors enrolling in career colleges.

Charlie Trotter's Culinary Education Foundation
For students who are Chicago resident seeking a career in culinary arts.

Hawai'i Community Foundation
Consists of over 150 scholarship funds in Hawaii.

IACP Culinary Trust
Scholarships for study in culinary and pastry arts.

ICES (International Cake Exploration)
For students seeking a pastry career.

IFEC (International Foodservice Editorial)
For students pursuing careers in writing, editing, public relations, and marketing.

Applicant must be enrolled or accepted as a full-time student in a food service-related major.

James Beard Foundation
Helps aspiring culinary students realize their dreams.

National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation
For students enrolled in restaurant and food service post-secondary programs.

Statler Foundation
For students majoring in hotel management and culinary arts in who live in the Western New York area. Call 716.852.1104 or write to the following address for an application: 107 Delaware Ave, Suite 680 | Buffalo, NY 14202.

Women Chefs & Restaurateurs
For members of the WCR who are 18 years of age or older (21 for wine scholarships).