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If you dream of sauce veloute or spun sugar, you may be destined for a career in professional culinary or pastry arts. At International Culinary Center, we seek out scholarships to our professional programs because we believe everyone should have the opportunity to achieve his or her goals.


Available Culinary & Pastry Arts Scholarships at ICC


FOICC Summer Scholarship
This scholarship awards two students with $10,000. Eligibility requirements: The student must have applied to Professional Culinary or Pastry Arts day or evening classes.

The FOICC Summer Scholarship is a need-based scholarship. A completed FAFSA form is required in addition to a 500-word essay describing your passion and goals for applying to one of our professional programs along with the scholarship application.


William J. Bullis Scholarship
This scholarship awards  $15,000 to a student enrolled in the Professional Pastry Arts  or Professional Culinary Arts Immersion program at the International Culinary Center’s California campus in Silicon Valley. The student must also apply within four years of graduating from high school.

The William J.Bullis Scholarship is a need-based scholarship. To apply, students will be required to submit a completed FAFSA form, two letters of recommendation from a non-family character reference and an educator. The student must also answer two essay questions provided on the application form.


Alumni Mentor Scholarship
Established in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the International Culinary Center, this scholarship invites current alumni to recommend students for  ICC. This scholarship—issued in the name of the alumnus–awards students with a $2,000 scholarship for professional culinary training.

To apply for the Alumni Mentor Scholarship, students must submit a 500-word essay describing their passion and goals for enrolling in the Professional Culinary ArtsProfessional Pastry Arts or Italian Culinary Experience career programs as well as the words of recommendation from an ICC alumni.


ICC Firefighter and Police Officer Scholarships
To honor firefighters and police officers who are either currently serving or have served within the past five years, ICC will award $5,000 scholarships on a rolling basis.

To apply for the Firefighter and Police Officer Scholarship, students need to be enrolled in a Professional Culinary Arts or Professional Pastry Arts program, submit a completed FAFSA form, and a 500-word essay describing passion and future goals.


ICC International Scholarships
International Scholarships  award students  $5,000 toward tuition in ICC’s Professional Culinary Arts or Professional Pastry Arts. Other career programs are covered under this scholarship, in the amount of $2,500 including wine, bread and cake programs. (Please note that bread and cake courses are in NYC only.)

This scholarship is open only to International students; applicants must submit a personal statement in a 500-word essay describing their passion and goals.


ICC Veterans and Military Scholarships
The ICC Veterans Scholarship awards a student $7,500 toward tuition for Professional Culinary Arts and Professional Pastry Arts programs. Veterans applying for this scholarship must have been honorably discharged from the United States Armed Forces. The scholarship is transferable to spouse and child. (Please note that the scholarship amount is different for students enrolled at our California location.)

This scholarship is also available to other career programs, however the amount varies.


Marcella Hazan Fall Scholarship
In memory of the legendary cooking teacher Marcella Hazan, who introduced American home cooks to Italian food and taught exclusively in the U.S. at ICC, this $20,000 scholarship will be awarded to a student who has applied to the Italian Culinary Experience at either ICC’s New York or California campus. This is a need-based scholarship. To apply, students will be required to submit a completed FAFSA form as well as a 500-word essay.


ICC Canada Scholarships
The ICC Canada Scholarship awards $5,000 toward the cost of tuition to a student enrolled in Professional Culinary or Pastry Arts courses.

Applicants must submit a personal statement in a 500-word essay stating their passion and future goals. Please note that this scholarship is only open to International applicants from Canada.


Additional Scholarship Resources

These scholarships primarily apply to our Professional Culinary Arts, Italian Culinary Experience and Professional Pastry Arts programs. There are other organizations that award ICC students with scholarships, for which you may be eligible. For a complete list of resources, visit our Scholarship Resources.

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