Intensive Sommelier Training: New York

"This program is a total game-changer... It is THE best way to fast-track success in a very competitive professional field." – Jason Jacobeit, ICC grad and Wine Director, Bâtard


ICC's Intensive Sommelier Training program is intended for aspiring professionals serious about a career in wine.

In addition to teaching you how to taste and evaluate wines from around the world, the program is designed to prepare you for the Introductory and Certified examinations given by the Court of Master Sommeliers Americas®Students passing the exams are awarded the prestigious lapel pin issued by the Court designating they are a "Certified Sommelier."


  • The first and ONLY program of its kind authorized by the Court of Master Sommeliers Americas
  • Learn from 11 Master Sommeliers (there are fewer than 250 in the world!)
  • On-site, back-to-back Intro and Certified exam seating (usually a 3 month wait between tests)
  • 94% Graduation Rate in ICC's Wine program
  • Taste 300+ wines from around the world, valued at more than $10,000
  • 200 hours of lectures and tastings by Master Sommeliers
  • Intro and Certified Exam fees covered, a $920 value
  • Ongoing job placement and career support


The Rise of the Asian-American Sommelier, NBC News

Growing Number of Women Filling Sommelier Ranks, Associated Press

Tuition Includes

  • 10 weeks (day) or 17 weeks (evening) diploma program
  • Application fee, books and supplies
  • "Family meal” prepared by Culinary students
  • Culinary Business workshops
  • Carnegie Hall commencement
  • Career Services counseling

Nearby housing is offered at both campuses. Housing fees are separate from the cost of program tuition.  


To audit a class, email David Lopez at

*Based on 88 students graduating out of the 94 students available for graduation of the Intensive Sommelier Training program included in the annual reports submitted by ICC to ACCSC in 2013-2015.


course information
11-07-16 - 03-13-17 6:00pm-10:00pm 17 weeks M,T,W $9,950

Financial aid for Professional Programs available to those who qualify. To learn more email

  • Unit 1

  • Unit 2

  • Unit 3

  • Unit 4

  • Unit 5

  • Unit 6

  • Unit 7

  • Unit 8


Learn the basics of viticulture and oenology, gaining an understanding of the creative and business decisions made in bringing a wine to the marketplace. Explore the physiology of flavor, and learn the language of smell and taste to successfully describe and sell wine. Take steps in the fascinating field of wine and food pairing to add value to the dining experience and build a clientele. Grow your confidence in the proper service of wine, as we train you at the highest level of fine dining. As advisory and consulting skills, take hold of the issues in the business of storing, aging, and investing in, wine.

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VIVE LA FRANCE! It is to the French that we tip our hats in making wine as fine as it is today. With an understanding of their appellation system - effectively a codification of knowledge generated through a millennium - you will tour the wine regions of France, both big and small. We’ll present the challenges that face each region from a variety of perspectives and lift the veil to observe the controversies and differences of opinion amongst the vignerons themselves.

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Our program teaches the dichotomy between old-world and new-world sensibilities and with every vintage that message becomes more complex! Travel to ‘traditional’ new world regions, and the emerging markets- Canada and Mexico – and acclimate to the new world spirit of experimentation and What if? curiosity. Celebrate the wonderful resurgence of America as a wine-making nation in –yes! – all 50 states.

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For a country whose nationhood dates back only to the 1860s, Italy has come a long way in bringing order to their ancient legacy of wine-growing. To the wine student, it can be a daunting expedition into their 20 wine regions. So take hold, and travel with us first to the historical, commercially-important hillsides – Piemonte, Toscana , theVeneto and more- after which study, we’ll venture into the underappreciated terroirs where opportunity awaits.

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For two countries that both joined the European Union in 1986, the global wine approaches of Spain and Portugal couldn’t have been more different. Study these business strategies – and taste some fantastic wine! – as we travel through the historic regions of Rioja, Ribera del Duero, Xeres, and the Douro. The layers of complexity build as more recently successful regions enter the consciousness of today’s consumer: Priorato, Galicia, Rueda, Alentejo and more.

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The Romans came over the Alps two thousand years ago. That is why we have the spectacular legacy of wine made in the coolest and challenging of climates. We’ll travel the great rivers: Rhine, Danube, Mosel and their tributaries to explore the sommelier fascination with the great Riesling grape and others –do not forget Tokaji! - along the way. And no wine education is complete without a focus what the Greeks have done over the last 15 years. Visit the Pelopponnese, the Aegean and return to the continent into Slovenia, Croatia and other ancient lands: all intent on making their mark in the world of wine.

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The world goes round with sales and no sommelier worth her pin will let an opportunity slip by to give the guest what they want.- or don’t know they want! And they all don’t want wine! On the heels of the sommelier blossoming, there has come new-found interest in beer, cocktails and spirits - and their places at the dining room table, the library or the veranda! Take your learning to the magic of distillation, the art of spiritual elevage, the alchemical amaros and the other beautiful closes to an evening that leave us with an improved sense-of well-being.

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It is one thing to be a great blind taster. It is another thing entirely to run a profitable $3mm beverage program. Straighten your tie, and hear us out on the Business of Wine. With our case study homework assignment, we get out our calculators and actually cost out a wine list of our own making. And watch how many aesthetic concerns crop up in this complex sales tool that we call a wine list. As the final module to our program, this is the stage at which we will also fine-tune our service and sales skills in preparation for the Court of Master Sommeliers’ Certified Examination, the culmination to our course of study. By this time, our Master Sommeliers will have mentored you through no fewer than 300 benchmark examples of the wines of the world. You will be a new you!

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Admission requirements: Student must be at least 21 years of age to enroll in Intensive Sommelier Training. The full-time day program is open to enrollment by M-1 nonimmigrant students. The International Culinary Center is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC). Students must be 21 years or older.

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