ICC always seeks to improve. One of the ways we ensure that our programs are relevant to the ever-changing culinary industry is by gathering feedback from an accomplished group of chefs and industry professionals.

These Program Advisory Commitee (PAC) members meet on a regular basis to assess curriculum content and the state of our facilities and equipment. That way, we stay in step with the latest industry trends in order to best prepare our students for the challenges of the current marketplace.

Culinary Arts PAC – New York Campus

  • Chris Beicher, Executive Chef of Mercer Kitchen
  • Dan Kluger, Executive Chef of ABC Kitchen
  • Ed MacFarland, Chef/Owner of Ed’s Lobster Bar (ICC Grad)
  • Laura Pensiero, Owner of Gigi Hudson Valley in Rhinebeck, NY (ICC Grad)
  • Ben Pollinger, Executive Chef of Oceana
  • Tommy Todd, General Manager of AJ Maxwell’s
  • Robert Ubhaus, Chef/Owner of Rob’s Bistro in Madison, NJ
  • Tony Liu, Executive Chef at Morandi and Pulino’s 

Culinary Arts PAC – California Campus

  • Peter Armellino, Executive Chef of Plumed Horse in Saratoga
  • Peter Rudolph, Executive Chef of Madera in Menlo Park
  • Jin Suzuki, Executive Chef of Hachi Ju Hachi in Saratoga
  • Eric Beamesderfer, Director of Operations of Restaurants from Scratch
  • Matt Greco, Executive Chef of Wente in East Palo Alto
  • Clive Berkman, Executive Chef of Garden Court Hotel
  • Eddie Lam, Executive Chef of Straits Restaurants
  • Edip Borluca, Executive Chef of Weir and Associates
  • William Roberts, Chef de Cuisine of Mayfield Bakery and Cafe
  • Jacquetta Lannan, Owner of Chez Franc

Pastry, Bread and Cake PAC – New York Campus

  • Dominique Ansel, Owner of Dominique Ansel Bakery
  • Kierin Baldwin, Executive Pastry Chef of Locanda Verde (ICC Grad)
  • Colleen Grapes, Pastry Chef of Oceana
  • Fritz Knipschildt, Pastry Chef/Owner of Knipschildt Chocolatier in Norwalk, CT
  • TJ Obias, Pastry Chef/Owner of Du Jour Bakery in Brooklyn
  • Dorina Yuen, Pastry Chef/Owner of Oro Bakery & Bar (ICC Grad)
  • Katzie Guy-Hamilton, Director of Food & Beverage of Max Brenner Chocolates (ICC Grad)
  • Robert Truitt, Corporate Pastry Chef of Alta Marea Group
  • Erica O’Brien, Pastry Chef/Owner of Erica O’Brien Cake Design

Pastry Arts PAC – California Campus

  • Julia Anderson, Owner of Fleur de Cocoa
  • Salina Diaz, Owner of Bits and Pieces Bakery
  • Caitlin Freeman, Pastry Chef of Blue Bottle Coffee
  • Thomas Grauke, Owner Moonside Bakery & Café
  • Lisa Lu, Pastry Chef of Central Kitchen
  • Lynne Magnoli, Proprietor of Icing on the Cake
  • Rachael Myers, Proprietor of Sweet Tooth Confections
  • Michelle Polzine, Pastry Chef of Range
  • Bettina Pope, Proprietor of La Lune Sucree
  • Stephanie Prida, Pastry Chef of Manresa
  • Janet Rikala Dalton, Pastry/Dessert Consultant
  • Jessica Sullivan, Pastry Chef of Boulevard
  • Terri Wu, Pastry Chef of Farallon

Sommelier PAC – New York Campus

  • Monika Caha, Founder and President of Monika Caha Selections, Inc.
  • Michael Connolly, Brand Manager of Winebow
  • Gerry Dawes, Founder and President of Spanish Artisan Wine Group
  • Tony DiDio, Founder of Tony DiDio Selections
  • Nora Favelukes, President of QW Wine Experts
  • Tara Q. Thomas, Executive Editor of Wine & Spirits magazine 

Sommelier PAC – California Campus

  • Randall Bertao, General Manager of Los Altos Golf & Country Club
  • Jim Cargill, Director of Operations of House Family Winery
  • Katie Dinovo, Tasting Room Manager of Ridge Vineyards
  • Tommy Fogarty, Proprietor of Fogarty Winery
  • Susan King, District Manager of Henry Wine Group
  • James La Mar, Wine Director of Chez TJ (ICC Grad)
  • Guldal (GiGi) Lindberg, Owner of Meritaj (ICC Grad)
  • Paul Mekis, Wine Director of Rosewood Hotels & Resorts
  • Joe Prang, Owner of Artisan Wine Depot
  • Amanda Rehn, Sales Rep of Springboard
  • Jim Rollston, Wine Director of Manressa
  • Brent Runyon, Operations Manager of Vintage Wine Merchants
  • Michele Snock, Owner of CooperVino (ICC Grad)

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